The first All Japan Show took place two years ago in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2015 and now we are excited to bring the next edition to the US. This show represents a team of Japan borosilicate glass artists that have worked together all across Japan and the US together, forging a new identity and culture of Japanese glass art.

There will be a wide variety of solo work as well as collaborations between the Japanese and American artists.

The show is being hosted and curated by Jon Green, who is based in Tokyo and works as international representation for Japanese glass artists. The show is receiving support from Masterlink Glass Consulting and will be held at the Artwork Network Gallery in Denver, Colorado.

Go Round Exhibit / USA x Japan Marble Session

The All Japan Show 2017 is also proud to be exhibiting the Go Round – USA x Japan Marble Session. It is a body of work that was created in Japan earlier this year by Daisuke Saito (DISK), Junichi Kojima (Rose Roads), Takao Miyake, Yoshinori Kondo, Gateson Recko, John Kobuki, Josh Sable, and Tim Keyzers. It involved a road trip starting in Tokyo and making a visit to each of the Japanese artists’ studios, before ending up at Studio Morio in Otsu for 2 weeks of intense collaboration.

The entire body of work will be on display and made available for the first time at the All Japan Show 2017, with almost all the artists in attendance.

Tickets / General Admission Tickets Now Available

Tickets are now available for purchase. These will grant you admission during the public showing on October 28th from 6:00PM to 9:00PM. Tickets may not be available at the door so please ensure you purchase them online if you would like to attend. 

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Event Location

Artwork Network Gallery
878 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204

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